A Peeling removes the dead cells from the skin while it improves its texture leaving it soft, smooth and bright. As a result microcirculation is being stimulated, while the skin is being supplied with the vitamins, natural oils and butters, essential oils and hydrating substances from the natural recipes made by Cura Naturale.

Taking into consideration the needs of your skin we produce a variety of body peelings which in combination with the body cream, butter or oil you use, will make the look and texture of your skin brand new.

If you like fruit scents, we recommend Senso Citrus Bouquet with tangerine, bergamot, lemon and neroli with nourishing and whitening properties. In addition you can use the new body oil (specific product) with bergamot, orange and ylang-ylang which is both hydrating and aphrodisiac!!!

Much more sensual and intense perfume you will get with Senso Flower Power which combines geranium, rose, rosewood, jasmine and ylang-ylang. Apart from the detox effect, it also has an anti-aging effect and you can improve the elasticity of your skin by applying the body butter Impresa Flower Power with similar essential oils.

For smooth and vigorous body, use Senso Anti cellulite effect with cedarwood, rosemary, juniper and grapefruit. Reenforce  the tightening effect with the body oil Μοrsetto which contains cinnamon extract in almond oil and ivy oil.  

How to use

Apply an adequate amount of Senso in clean skin (in preference after shower when our skin pores are open)and massage bottom to top in arms ,legs, belly, buttocks and back until the salt granules fall down and the oily phase of the product ,which has to be absorbed, is left in our hands. Afterwards we scavenge our body with a towel and complementary we apply an adequate amount of our body cream or oil…..! The result is excellent!

Remember that the body peeling needs to be applied  2-3 times  per week and cannot replace our body cream or butter whose use is essential in a daily basis.